The new Actros. Truck of the Year 2020.

Specialist commercial vehicle journalists from 24 European countries voted for the Mercedes-Benz Actros to be crowned Truck of the Year of the fifth time. The truck's success story started back in 1997 when the first Actros was released and the subsequent vehicle generation also brought home the award. With a total of nine victories, Mercedes-Benz is now the most successful brand in the fight for the Truck of the Year accolade. The International Truck of the Year jury (ITotY) votes based on innovative technological developments.

About the International Truck of the Year Award.

In line with the jury rules, the title is awarded every year to the truck which makes the biggest contribution towards road transport innovations that are advantageous to the economy, emissions, safety, driveability and comfort of vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz Trucks flagship scores points above all in its intrinsic value: the majority of the innovations were developed with the precise aim of delivering palpable advancement to drivers, customers and society as a whole. The new Mercedes-Benz Actros provides appropriate answers to topics like safety, efficiency and comfort. It does this with a multitude of new features, including: the Multimedia Cockpit, MirrorCam instead of exterior mirrors, partially automated driving with Active Drive Assist or further advanced safety systems such as the fifth generation Active Brake Assist, and the further improved Sideguard Assist.

Truck of the Year in MENA.

Together with ESMA, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, a division of Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA, performed a test drive of the semi-automated Mercedes-Benz Actros from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. This is the first time a semi-automated truck is driven on UAE roads; it showcased the possibilities of the latest truck technology available in serial production.

Innovations of the new Actros.

With more than 60 innovations, the new Actros brings the future of heavy-duty trucks to the roads today.

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Greater safety

The new Actros is a shining example for the high safety level of modern trucks. This is demonstrated by fifth generation Active Brake Assist (ABA 5), the emergency braking assistant that supports the driver in critical driving situations and, in optimal conditions, can help to mitigate the effects of accidents or even avoids them.

Safer than ever.

If a sudden traffic jam occurs, or quick braking is required, the new Actros is there to assist with ABA 5. See for yourself how the Active Brake Assist can support the driver with autonomous emergency braking – whether the object is moving or not.

Our goal is to stop an accident before it can happen.

The new Actros features the latest generation of Active Brake Assist. If a collision with a pedestrian may threaten, the system can support until the vehicle comes to a full stop.

ABA 5 – How it works.

Let us explain how this works and why it makes the Truck of the Year 2020 – the new Actros one of the safest trucks on the road.

Meet Mina Gamal.

The Driver Trainer from Kuwait received a training on the new Actros recently. Mina's favorite innovation of the new Actros is the Active Brake Assist 5 – see what he has to say about this Truck of the Year 2020.

Meet Raluca Ciupe.

Raluca had the opportunity to experience the new Actros in a Driving Event. Here she tells us about the feature of the Truck of the Year which impresses her the most.

The truck cab revolution.

The new Actros is even more connected and intuitive to operate due to its Multimedia Cockpit. With two interactive screens as standard, all the relevant information are displayed at a glance and the visualisation of the new assistance systems is further enhanced

Multimedia Cockpit.

Here we answer the questions about the connected and intuitively operable Multimedia Cockpit.

Meet Ionut Dumitrescu.

Ionut participated in a test drive event when the new Actros was first launched. The new Multimedia Cockpit immediately caught his attention when he first got on board the truck. Read more to find out why this is his favorite feature.

All About Safety.

The new Actros. The safest truck ever. Find out how the new Actros contributes to road safety with its innovative features – all explained from the cab.


By replacing the conventional main mirrors and wide angle mirrors this system works entirely with digital cameras and displays. The MirrorCam provides a considerably improved all round view and in addition to increased safety, the omission of mirrors reduces fuel consumption, as the compact digital cameras bring considerable aerodynamic advantages.

MirrorCam on the new Actros.

The new Actros has earned the title of Truck of the Year 2020 thanks to its innovative technological developments. One of the main innovations is the MirrorCam which replaces conventional rear-view mirror as an option.

How does the MirrorCam contribute to road safety?

By replacing the classic mirror, the driver has a full view through the side window and the marked area illustrates the visual gain with the MirrorCam . The improved visibility contributes to greater safety on the road.

Low total costs.

The attractive Mercedes-Benz services and the expected high residual value at the end of the service life ensure low costs. The services from Fleetboard are additionally available to further improve performance in your logistics processes. All in the interests of added efficiency. The new Actros.

3 Things Fleetboard can do to help reduce your fleet cost.

Fleetboard telematics is the driver and vehicle management system that can help you manage your fleet with ease - and achieve greater efficiency. Here are the 3 main features which can help reduce your fleet cost.

Reduce fuel consumption by changing driving styles.

Did you know that driving styles can have a huge impact on the fuel consumption of your fleet? Here are some driving tips recommended by the Fleetboard team, demonstrated with the new Actros.

Fleetboard Performance Analysis.

Performance Analysis is one of the main features which Fleetboard can help make your trips more profitable. Our Fleetboard Manager - Naveen Sook explains in detail.

Flexible Service System.

Each truck operator is unique and so is each fleet. Instead of fixed maintenance intervals, the Flexible Service System analyzes parameters such as fuel consumption, oil and engine temperatures, idle time, distance driven, and average speeds to establish an optimum service and maintenance schedule.
Just what your trucks need, when they need it.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceSolutions.

No matter what you are carrying or what sector of industry you are in, the primary purpose of your truck is to earn money. There are many reasons why a service contract from Mercedes-Benz can make this easier for you.

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are an important component of the Truck of the Year 2020, keeping the trucks running on the road with increased uptime.
The parts are manufactured using only finest quality materials so they not only last longer, but also offer unparalleled reliability and value for money. Our Customer Services and Parts Manager - Subin explains in detail.

Longer Operational Life.

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are specially developed and tested, with the latest advancements in development in addition to being subjected to constant quality control, thus contributing to longer operational life of the parts, as testified by our customer.

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