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As a refrigerated vehicle or deep-freeze body, dry freight or integral box body, three-way tipper, fire service, police or rescue service vehicle: The Sprinter’s tailor-made solutions put you on the road to success. The interior equipment and functional features such as standard-fit vehicle lowering are also an integral part of the flexible vehicle concept.

School Bus

Transporting passengers is a very sensitive task, particularly when it comes to children. The Sprinter is a pioneer and leader especially in the safety segment, making it ideal for operation as a School Bus vehicle. What’s more, its outstanding comfort options enhance every ride to school and back, helping make sure your kids arrive safely and relaxed.


Transfer 45
No. of seats (incl. driver) 23
Wheelbases (mm) 4,325
Roof variants High
Total vehicle length (mm) 7,361
Engine types In-line 4; V6
Fuel Diesel; Petrol
KW (HP) 110 (150); 190 (258)
Max torque (Nm) 330; 340
Emission classes Euro 4 Gr. III;
Euro 6 Gr. III
Gearboxes (speeds) Manual (6); Automatic (5)

Children are the future, so their safety is paramount.

The Sprinter School Bus interior is fitted with many measures to enhance safety and facilitate usage by children. Grab handles in easily reachable areas and an electrically retractable step are fitted to minimise the chances of injuries when boarding or unboarding the vehicle. The extremely rugged, easy-clean flooring material helps to avoid the hazards posed by damaged or slippery surfaces.

Comfortable, durable seats for a safe and enjoyable journey.

The Sprinter School Bus seats are designed with comfort, ergonomics and safety in mind. The attractively designed Tunja seating fabric in black boasts high abrasion resistance and breathability, resulting in a longer service life. The front seats are provided with a wool fleece lining as standard.

3-point seatbelts on all seats. Full restraint for the greatest safety.

The Sprinter School Bus features 3-point seatbelts on all seats. In the event of an accident, a seatbelt dramatically decreases the chances of  passenger injuries. A 3-point seatbelt provides superior safety –  by restraining the full body of the passenger, it helps protect the head and torso from impact. If required, baby seats or seat boosters can be fitted to the Sprinter School Bus seats, as well.

The electrically operated side door: Access to the vehicle with even more safety and convenience.

The sliding door of the Sprinter School Bus can optionally be electrically operated. This means that only the driver has full control of the door and can open it to a pre-set dimension. This enhances safety, as only one person can board or unboard at a time. And, since the door is not opened fully, the air conditioning system can work more efficiently and with less effort even when the vehicle route includes frequent stops.

Factory-fitted stop sign. Because safety is not always in our hands.

The Sprinter is equipped with a stop-sign arm, mounted outside on the driver side of the vehicle. It swings out to stop traffic when bus doors are opened and occupants exiting the vehicle may need to cross the road. This equipment complies with the regulations enforced in some countries to achieve maximum safety for everyone.

Stay cool – even on the hottest days.

A powerful, 13-kW air conditioning unit is mounted on the roof of the Sprinter School Bus. Several air outlets are fitted along the roof lining, ensuring that the air is efficiently circulated and that the desired temperature is quickly achieved and maintained creating an enjoyable environment inside the Sprinter. Additionally, the vehicle body insulation is specially engineered for the region’s hot climate.

Comfort control, right where it should be – at the driver’s fingertips.

The roof-mounted air conditioning system is controlled by the driver, without possibility of interference by the passengers. This makes sure that the most comfortable temperature is maintained in the most efficient manner.


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