Service Contracts.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceSolutions: more benefits, less hassle.

No matter what you are carrying or what sector of industry you are in, the primary purpose of your truck is to earn money. There are many reasons why a service contract from Mercedes-Benz can make this easier for you, such as attractive, fixed maintenance and repair costs, reduced vehicle downtime and reduced administration.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceSolutions offers you a customized range of services at a fixed, transparent, low price. That protects the resale value of your vehicles, reduces downtime and improves economic efficiency. We offer three different product ranges: BestMaintenance; SelectPlus; Complete.

Transparent and plannable maintenance costs.

BestMaintenance includes all scheduled maintenance work for your vehicle as specified by Mercedes-Benz. It covers your routine service operations like engine oil and filter change, air filter replacement, gearbox oil change and so on.

Convenient maintenance and extensive protection against unexpected costs.

The Select Plus service solution includes post-warranty cost protection for your vehicles and all the scheduled maintenance work as specified by the manufacturer. Purchasing these services as a bundle is less expensive than purchasing them individually, which means more repair service for less cost.

A complete service solution for utter peace of mind.

The Complete ServiceSolution combines scheduled maintenance, wear & tear components and a post-warranty cost protection. This attractive package gives you the maximum level of cost control through a fixed monthly rate.

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