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From Atego models to engines, gearboxes and cab variants.


Whatever you are transporting, each detail of the Atego is designed to master the demands of light-duty short-distance distribution or even a heavy application like construction or garbage collection. Flexibility at the operation is assured by the 2-speed rear axle which enables large spread of gear shifting – from high torque at the wheels on difficult terrain to high speed at highways.

Strong and versatile truck for on-road and off-road operations.

The design of the Atego 1726 personifies the robustness of the Atego trucks. The interior of the modern cab privileges space and ergonomics of driver and passengers, offering a more comfortable workday.

On Off Road Operations

Robust and reliable for short and medium distance transport.

The Atego 1419 is the perfect truck for short distance distribution, with the optimum combination of performance, fuel economy, reliability and comfort.

On Off Road Transport


When it comes to the powertrain and its components, performance and efficiency are paramount. The technical measures abroad the Atego ensure that the costs per kilometre stay low during the vehicle’s entire service life.


The interior of the Atego cab offers ample space and comfort, directly influencing on the safety and business productivity.
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